Social Media

The use of social media websites has drastically increased since the late 1990’s and websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are increasingly used by individuals of all walks for both personal and business endeavours.

The Investigators at Investigations Toronto have extensive experience in uncovering even deeply hidden “Privacy-set” social media profiles that can be used as a tool and go hand-in-hand with other ongoing Investigations such as Surveillance and Undercover operations.

Many offline claims can be compared and contrasted with an individual’s online presence and can provide valuable information into the validity of various fraudulent claims.

Social media Investigations may also be used to locate missing persons, show personal or business associations, uncover photographic or video evidence of fraudulent claims, verifying employment, as well as monitoring an individual’s opinions via online blogs and posts.

Information posted on social media websites are increasingly used in insurance, as well as legal and criminal investigations.

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