List of Services

  • Surveillance

    Benefits claims, insurance and corporate investigations.

  • Litigation & Insurance Support

    Legal and insurance related concerns.

  • Undercover Investigations

    Ascertain if substance abuse,  health and safety issues and theft are a concern within your facility.

  • Research & Background Investigations

    Pre-employment screening, personnel profiles and corporate backgrounds.

  • Civil, Criminal & Corporate Investigations

    Servicing all levels and types of organizations in the public and private sector.

  • Covert Video Equipment & CCTV Video Surveillance

    We use state of the art equipment.

  • Due Diligence

    Business transactions, corporate finance and strategic employee hiring.

  • Intellectual Property & Trademark Infringement

    Complex technological, media and IP concerns.

  • Interviews & Inquiries

    One on one or multi-person inquisitions.

  • Online & Social Media Investigations

    Our cyber sleuths will dig deep, utilizing our wide range of open and closed databases.

  • Process Serving

    Service of your important legal documents.

  • Witness Locates / Missing Persons / Skip Traces

    Locate missing persons, witnesses, beneficiaries, debtors, defendants and property owners.

  • Witness Statements

    Get their account of the facts.

  • Workers Compensation Claims

    WSIB Insurance Fraud.

  • Computer Forensics

    We offer a complete range of computer forensic services

  • Labour Dispute Support

    Business continuity assistance