Investigations Toronto utilizes investigative and security experts that have the resources to uncover security gaps and weaknesses throughout your home or organization. We offer in-depth analysis and recommendations and determine what issues are driving noncompliance to establish an effective security program.

Our security audits assess how effectively your security policies are being implemented. Our security analysis and detailed reports identify vulnerabilities that may exist in your current procedures and systems.

Our investigative professionals have over 35 years of experience in implementing security policies and procedures. The same investigators conduct regular penetration testing for many of our clients.

The private investigators at Investigations Toronto not only uncover weaknesses and security gaps that exist throughout, but also identify the issues that drive the noncompliance.

Security audits can also identify anomalies that are found during internal investigations and our evidentiary findings may then be used for any potential litigation and legal proceedings.

For further information on our security audits, please contact us at 1-800-977-0337.