Corporate Fraud Investigation

Commercial and Corporate Private Investigation Services
Commercial/ Corporate Private Investigators in Toronto

Investigations Toronto is North America’s leader in deploying effective fact-finding strategies, utilizing expert investigative resources and applying traditional and forensic analysis. Our investigators are experts in uncovering fraud, identifying perpetrators and provide evidence to bring closure through legal channels and ultimately recuperation.

Corporate fraud, fraudulent activity, or allegations of fraud require immediate action and the preservation of potential evidence for use in any future inquiry is critical. Corporate general counsels and their legal advisors often advise that these situations can worsen if not addressed immediately. Whether the allegations of fraud were a result of a whistle blowing tip, an anonymous employee tip or directly observed by a client, contractor or third party, company policy will often necessitate undertaking an internal fraud investigation to uncover facts.

When corporate or financial fraud is suspected, companies turn to the experts at Investigations Toronto to investigate. Our experienced investigators deploy effective fact-finding strategies including interviews of employees, employee and non-employee witness interviews, and as well, the gathering of vital documents and data.

Investigations Toronto’s fraud services include investigations into:

  • Theft of inventory and product
  • Unexplained inventory loss
  • Unauthorized wiring of funds
  • Fraudulent vendor invoices
  • Mismanagement and theft of intellectual property

Strategically deployed investigative services can have a positive effect on a company’s bottom line, and as well on it’s image and compete-level in the marketplace.

Below is a list of some of our services most commonly used by commercial and corporate clients:

  • Background Investigations
  • Information Services
  • Litigation Support
  • Internal Investigations
  • Human Resource Support
  • Corporate Embezzlement
  • Competitive Information Collection
  • Security Audits and Reviews
  • Merger & Acquisition Support
  • Intellectual Property Investigations
  • Counter Espionage Services
  • Financial Investigations
  • Executive Services
  • Proprietary Information Protection
  • Electronic Counter Measure Sweeps
  • Photography and Videography
  • Covert Time Lapse Video Systems
  • Undercover Investigations
  • Labour Dispute Support
  • Surveillance Services
  • WSIB Investigations
  • Disability Investigations

Financial Investigations

Investigations Toronto conducts financial investigations with the highest level of privacy and confidentiality. Our financial investigative experts have an extensive network of resources domestically and as well, internationally.

Our financial investigative services include:

  • Asset Locates
  • Inter-corporate Relationships
  • Embezzlement Investigations
  • Merger & Acquisition Support
  • Insolvency Investigations
  • Income and Spending Analysis
  • Extensive Information Network
  • Access to Major Domestic and International Databases

For more information on our Financial Investigation services, speak with one of our experienced licensed Private Investigators today. Contact us for a professional and friendly no obligation quote at 1-800-977-0337.